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Whether you utilize our services or someone else's, these are questions to ask and things to watch out for to ensure it's being installed correctly.

1. Spray foam should be sprayed directly onto a clean, dry surface of concrete, metal or wood. It can also be sprayed over rock such as on top of basement backfill prior to concrete slab pour or recoating a roof.
It should not be sprayed over tyvek wrap or the ceiling moisture barrier of a metal building. 

2. When applying over wood, we prefer the moisture content be 10% or lower for proper adhesion to occur.  Not only can a wet substrate prevent adhesion but it can potentially trap moisture that can cause mold later if it doesnt dry.  Your applicator should have tools to check that.

​3. Ensure your installer explains how the work area will be ventilated to ensure the safety of everyone. Additionally anyone who will come in contact with the foam during installation needs to adhere to the manufactureres advice and vacate the work area for the approved time, based on ventilation air exchanges.

5. One of the primary troubles with spray foam is either missed spots that don't seal up air leaks or to thin/to thick foam application.

GOOD NEWS! Learning to look for pitfalls is a part of being more aware of the consequenses in your insulation decision. Every insulation product has its own advatages and disadvatages. Spray Foam insulation is a viable solution that can offer a substantial energy savings if installed correctly. Knowing what questions to ask your installer can go a long way for lasting optimal results.